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Pressure vessels play a crucial role in various industrial applications, serving to store and process liquids, steam, or gases. There are many types of pressure vessels, selected based on the requirements for the material, size, and purpose of use.

Types of Pressure Vessels:

Feedwater Tanks for Thermal Water Treatment Plants: These are specially designed containers that operate under low pressure and are used for storing feedwater. They are engineered to withstand the temperatures and pressures generated during water treatment and serve for the thermal degassing of feedwater.

Condensate Collection Tanks: Designed to collect condensate that forms from steam or hot water. These containers must be sealed to prevent the condensate from evaporating or leaking.

Choosing the right size for a vessel takes into account several factors, including the amount of material to be stored, required storage capacity, dimensions of available space, and transport options.

Pressure vessels are constructed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. Custom-made vessels are also fabricated according to customer specifications to ensure optimal use in a particular application area.

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