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Services worldwide

The VKK STANDARDKESSEL GROUP offers comprehensive services in Germany, Europe and worldwide:

Retrofitting and repair

Repairs of large waterspace boilers and water-tube boilers

We perform expert repairs on large waterspace boilers and water-tube boilers, including associated boiler components, largely with our own specialist personnel.

  • Emergency repairs
  • New/partial tubing
  • Replacement of cover/turning chamber floors
  • Repair/replacement of tube chambers
  • Eco-/superheater repairs and retrofitting
  • Implementation of boiler plants and components
  • Integration/renovation of flue-gas channels
  • All pressure vessels
  • Replacement/repair of membrane walls
  • Sheet metal (flue-gas channels)

Retrofitting, modernisation, improving efficiency

Our engineers and technicians are at your side for advice on retrofitting your boiler plant as early as the planning stage. Necessary modernisation measures and increasing economic efficiency are frequent objectives.
Bringing equipment up to the current technical standard.

  • Burner retrofitting
  • Eco-retrofitting
  • Conversion of steam to hot water
  • Modernisation of management and control
  • Advantages from extensive archive

Are you looking for a competent service provider at your side? Then VKK STANDARDKESSEL Service Köthen is the right place for you. Talk to us and let us advise you individually! Our contact persons are at your disposal.

On site – worldwide

With our on-site service we are there for you worldwide. Whether commissioning, maintenance, fault finding service, spare parts or other concerns: We support you personally and professionally.

Assembly Work

  • Complete power plants (supervision)
  • Boiler assembly
  • Component assembly
  • From planning (assembly advisors) to execution
  • Chimneys

See here https://youtu.be/EJBY08lbf98 an example of our capabilities. An installation and heavy-duty assembly of several boilers at our customer in Krakow (Poland).


  • Complex plants
  • New and pre-owned boiler plants
  • also of non-VKK Standardkessel products
  • E/I&C and PCS systems
  • Plant components
  • combustion systems of all types from different manufacturers (biomass, pulverised lignite, natural gas, coke oven gas, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil)
  • trial operations
  • boiler performance and emission tests and verification

Water management

  • Carrying out water analyses
  • Evaluation and optimisation of water-chemical operating conditions in water and steam circuits as well as hot water systems
  • Chemical consulting (and supply of chemicals)
  • Commissioning of water treatment plants
  • Maintenance and repair of water treatment plants
  • Troubleshooting
  • Damage investigation in water and steam circuits
  • Development of concepts for improving water management in steam boiler plants

Maintenance, inspection, revision

  • Over 1000 boilers under contract; at home and abroad
  • Significant minimisation of malfunctioning
  • Boilers and all associated components
  • Maintenance service package individually tailored to customer requirements and taking into account legal requirements
  • From minimum to full maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Determination of service life
  • Emission optimisation on all burner makes
  • Optimisation of all control circuits
  • Preparation and execution of hydraulic pressure tests of boilers, pipelines and fuel lines
  • Preparation for TÜV inspection, e.g. cleaning or grinding gusset stays
  • Boiler cleaning on water and flue gas side, mechanically or chemically
  • Boiler preservation
  • Remote monitoring

Rental systems

  • Boilers of all common operating pressures and rated outputs
  • Dual fuel gas and oil burning systems
  • Thermal and chemical water treatment


  • By personnel familiar with the plant
  • With original documentation
  • Boiler and burner
  • Examination of the personnel