Economisers and other heating surfaces

VKK STANDARDKESSEL Köthen / VKK STANDARDKESSEL Service Köthen provides process-specific heating surfaces that are used separately in the flue gas path or before/after the evaporator. These include, for example: waste heat boiler components, air preheaters, waterwalls, waste gas condensers, economisers and superheaters.

Economisers for increasing the feedwater temperature can be used economically for nearly all steam generators. In gas oil and light crude oil firing systems, finned-tube heating surfaces with narrow fin spacing are used. Smooth-tube heating surfaces or rectangular finned tubes with larger fin spacing are used with solid-containing flue gases. Boilers with heavy oil firing systems can be equipped with economisers if the feedwater inlet temperature is raised to values above the sulphuric acid dew point.

Superheater systems in CONDORBOILERs are convection heating surfaces that are protected from direct flame radiation. In addition to the usual smooth-tube heating surfaces in the case of higher superheated steam temperatures, VKK STANDARDKESSEL Köthen / VKK STANDARDKESSEL Service Köthen also uses finned-tube heating surfaces in the event of low steam superheating in the front flue-gas turning chamber.

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