Hot-Water boilers

Efficient Solutions for Industry and Commerce

In modern industry, hot water boilers are indispensable components playing a central role in numerous processes. They offer a reliable and efficient way to heat water to high temperatures, necessary for various applications such as heating or district heating.

The Importance of Quality and Efficiency

High-quality hot water boilers are the heart of many operations. They must not only withstand daily demands but also operate energy-efficiently to minimize operating costs and protect the environment. A well-designed hot water boiler is characterized by long service life, low maintenance requirements, and optimal heat transfer.

Customization to Individual Needs

Every operation has specific requirements for its hot water boilers. Therefore, it’s important that these systems can be individually customized. Modular systems provide flexibility, allowing boilers to be precisely tailored to the needs of each company.

Innovation and Technology

The latest hot water boilers are equipped with advanced technology that allows precise control of heating processes. Smart control systems help monitor and optimize energy consumption, saving costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is of utmost importance with hot water boilers. Modern boilers are equipped with numerous safety features that minimize the risk of accidents and ensure reliable operation. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to maintain safety and performance.


Hot water boilers are an investment in the future of any company that relies on efficient and reliable heating solutions. By choosing the right boiler and considering efficiency, adaptability, technological innovation, and safety, businesses can boost their productivity while simultaneously reducing their operating costs and environmental impact.

Our CONDOR BOILERS for hot water generation are delivered for heat outputs from 4 to 25 MW in single-flame tube and for heat outputs from 15 to 50 MW in double-flame tube design (more on flame tubes). If you wish to inquire about which type is most suitable for you, please feel free to contact us.

Hot-water generator performance range

Performance range
Smoke-tube boiler
heat output
4 - 50 MW
≤ 30 bar
hot water output
≤ 50 bar


  1. Boiler pressure vessel
  2. Fire tubes
  3. Smoke tube 2nd flue
  4. Water-tube turning chamber
  5. Flue gas chamber
  6. Flue gas outlet
  7. Economiser
  8. Discharge valve
  9. Firing system
  10. Flow
  11. Return
  12. Admixing pump

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Hot Water Boilers