An essential component of shell boilers

Flame tubes are the most thermally stressed components of shell boilers. They play a decisive role in heat transfer and boiler efficiency. Compared to smooth flame tubes, corrugated tubes can withstand higher operating pressures, making them a preferred choice in industrial applications.

VKK STANDARDKESSEL Köthen / VKK STANDARDKESSEL Service Köthen is a leading manufacturer of corrugated tubes. We produce corrugated tubes for our own needs as well as for other boiler manufacturers. Our corrugated pipes are manufactured on special machines with continuous monitoring of the deformation temperature. The dimensional tolerances according to EN 12953 are adhered to in order to guarantee high quality and reliability. Acceptance is carried out by recognized testing and monitoring organizations to confirm compliance with standards.

Flame tubes are an essential part of the boiler design and contribute to the overall performance and efficiency of the boiler. They must be carefully designed and manufactured to withstand the high temperatures and pressures that occur in a shell boiler. At VKK STANDARDKESSEL Köthen / VKK STANDARDKESSEL Service Köthen we pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality flame tubes that meet our customers’ requirements.

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