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VKK STANDARDKESSEL Köthen GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of steam boilers, offers the CONDORKESSEL, a product “Made in Germany” that is widely used in industry and by utility companies. Since its market launch in 1951, the basic design of the steam boiler as a flame tube smoke tube boiler has proven itself.

Maximum fuel utilisation through integrated heating surfaces

The CONDORKESSEL is characterised by its thermodynamically optimised and process-adapted heating surface design. By integrating superheaters, superheated steam can be generated as required. Additional heating surfaces such as economisers, flue gas condensers or air preheaters increase fuel efficiency.

Technical excellence and economic efficiency

Our steam boilers offer the highest possible efficiency from a technical and economic point of view. They are designed for trouble-free and safe operation and require minimal maintenance. The firing and control systems are of high quality and have been tried and tested over many years.

Quality assurance and certification

All our steam boilers are subject to strict quality control and are inspected and approved by TÜV or internationally recognised approval organisations.

Flexibility in performance

We currently offer two steam and hot water boilers with a capacity of 45 t/h (30 MW) that are available at short notice.

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Steam boiler performance range

Performance range
Smoke-tube boiler
Combi boiler system
steam output
3,2 - 70 t/h
10 - 70 t/h
steam temperature
≤ 450 °C
≤ 450 °C
hot water output
≤ 38 MW
≤ 46 bar
The above data represents the full range of performance and cannot be achieved with every fuel and every combination of temperature and pressure.

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Single-flame tube boiler with economiser
  1. Boiler pressure vessel
  2.  Fire tubes
  3. Smoke tube 2nd flue
  4. Smoke tube 3rd flue
  5. Rear turning chamber
  6. Flue gas turning chamber
  7. Flue gas outlet
  8. Economiser
  9. Boiler frame
  10. Blow-down valve
  11. Firing system
  12. Superheater
  13. Saturated-steam pipe
  14. Superheated steam outlet
  15. Feedwater pipe

Double-flame tube boiler with economiser and superheater

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